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I was a junior in high school when I first found out that me and photography would be living together happily ever after. I was wearing an atrocious red frilly dress with white polka dots and snapping photographs of every moment of my cousin's wedding in California. Somewhere after the speeches and before the cake cutting, while my cousin and his new wife were dancing, I started to cry. I was zoomed into their faces with my camera and every single emotion was vivid. They were so in love and the entire experience was so beautiful. I knew then that this was something I wanted to do. When you can find something you love, something that evokes so much emotion within, something that is so important to you, you don't let it go.



So after numerous career decisions ranging from mowing lawns to an online assistant at a law firm, I finally have my own business. The dream I manifested at age seventeen has come true and I can genuinely tell you, I love what I do. I love making my clients feel comfortable whether we are meeting up for a cocktail and quick engagement shoot on the beach or sipping wine and going through your wedding prints. I totally understand that your fiancé cringes at the idea of photo shoots and I will make it as quick, fun and painless as possible! I know that you're nervous and feel like you don't know how to pose, I'll make sure you feel completely comfortable and I promise you will look gorgeous. It's the most gratifying feeling in the world having someone love their photograph! I'll do everything I can to ensure that happens for you too. I won't pose you awkwardly either, we will capture moments that are more candid and reflective of your personality. But most importantly, we will have fun, because that's what my work is based on. Capturing fun, beautiful moments where you are smiling so big that it makes me smile behind the lens. And after capturing these moments, my absolute favorite thing to do is tell your story. I want to know how you met, I want to know what you were wearing when he proposed and what the best thing he or she ever did for you. I want to know all about your story so I can write it into photographs for you! 

    "In addition to being a true master of her craft, Mary is also a wonderful and inspiring person. She is a pleasure to be around, always upbeat, and always smiling. She enjoys life and never ceases to extract the beauty and joy from every situation."
Jillian Saetta, bride

a few random facts:

I used to think I could fly. Sometimes I still do.

Upon request, I can and will do the worm at your wedding.

On March 1, 2013 I lost my mother. Losing her was the most painful thing I have and will most likely ever experience, but it has also made me the photographer I am today. I have poured more love into my shoots than I even knew existed inside of me since her passing. I like to think she is with me at each shoot, pouring her love into them too. She continues to inspire me every single day.

I may or may not make you climb into a tree for your wedding photos. 

In 2013 I quit my job and bought a one way ticket to the Caribbean. This photo was taken when I walked out of the door on my last day of corporate life.


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